Shape + Color

Equally as important as the form of the frame is the colors that we use.  It starts with a concept for a color palette.  We find inspiration in a variety of place: film, architecture, nature.  Then, it's on to the material library...

We have a lot of color samples. Lots and lots of color often takes days to build out a first pass of colors to start to work with.  We work with only the highest quality acetates out of Italy and Japan, so that at least narrows to options down a bit, but we're still talking thousands of options...

Next, we take a look at the shapes we're designing.  We cut samples to get a feel for the thickness and form of each frame because that plays a really important role in deciding which acetate colorways to use.  Being able to run tests like this is one of the benefits of manufacturing in house.

We'll usually have rough color palettes built out by now for each frame.  It's not a linear process, and after seeing the frame's cut out, we often have to go back and revise.

With a frame paired with it's palette, it's time to move on to real samples in each color.  We'll produce small batches of each colorway in it's actual shape to make sure that it's a good fit, not only for the individual frame but for our collection as a whole.

We'll be launching a new collection soon, so stay tuned for the new releases.  We're really excited about the colors and shape's that are launching next!