Fall Sun Picks

Just because summer is over, it’s not the time to put away your sunglasses. Our sun collection comes in rich patterns and colors that match the fall style. The sun sits lower in the sky and creates more glare through the cooling months, requiring a good pair to protect your sight.

From our latest collection, we love the dark red of Crimson for the bold and rounded Frost

The unique KG Marble acetate we use for Rebel Rebel has a rich depth with the black pattern overlaying a delicate shade of beige-grey. 

Our favorite classical Jane comes in variety of color options such as Autumn (the name speaks for itself!)

The Morningside in Sundown features a warm, earth toned gradient from a marbled brown to a rich golden yellow.


It’s not just the look that matters. Although stronger in the summer, the sun sits lower in the sky during the fall and winter, which means the the rays hit your eyes more directly. You may notice the bright glare blocking your sight, especially when driving in the mornings or early evenings.

To offer highest quality, we source all of our sun lenses from Zeiss.  If you’re looking to reduce glare on the road or on water, we offer the option of mounting polarized lenses, either in gray or brown. Thanks to the special film embedded in the lens, they deliver substantially improved contrast vision and more brilliant colors.

[The right image shows how polarized lenses eliminate reflections and ensure better vision even under extreme light conditions]

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Source: https://www.zeiss.com/vision-care/en_us/better-vision/understanding-vision/lenses-and-solutions/more-light-for-your-vision.html