Of Aesthetics and Performance - Carl Zeiss Lenses

Along with the frame, the lens dictates the aesthetics and performance of our product. All Lowercase sunglasses feature Carl Zeiss lenses, a name that is synonymous with the highest quality, allowing us to select from a variety of tints and offer the best protection for your eyes.

The German company has its roots deep in optical manufacturing since its founding in  1846 by optician Carl Zeiss. Today, a large majority of their sun glass lenses are produced at the headquarters in Italy.

Zeiss Vintage Poster

At the beginning of the 20th century, Carl Zeiss revolutionized the design of eyeglass lenses to minimize blurring, and that technology is still used today.


Today, the Vision Care division develops, manufactures and distributes lenses, lens coatings, and dispensary technologies and services. Every sun lens provides complete UV protection and superior clarity, making them the best choice for the outdoors.

Over the years, their extensive research has allowed the company to diversify into a wide range of products ranging from cameras and microscopes, making them one of the world’s leading companies in optical instruments.

At Lowercase, we carefully match our Zeiss lenses to each colorway in order to pull out the natural beauty of our materials and create a highly curated collection like no other. 

Jane - Olive Green

Morningside - Sunset

Roebling - Pink


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