The Story of Mazzucchelli

Lowercase is committed to using the highest-quality acetate for our frames and refuse to sacrifice quality for cost.

Acetate, or cellulose acetate be exact, is the plant-based plastic that is used to make the main parts of the frame. In addition to the strong, light and flexible characteristics, it’s an ideal design material given the wide variation in transparency and color. It also has a technical advantage that its hypoallergenic and dissipates static electricity keeps your hair from sticking to it.

When we began searching for the best material out there, we quickly knew that Mazzuchelli was a natural choice for us. Built by one Italian family of over six generations, it was their simple yet important mission that resonated the most: Excellence in innovation and quality with a focus on tradition and craftsmanship. This beautiful video can show you what that actually looks like.

Making a pair starts with sorting the long, rectangular sheets of acetate that arrive from Italy to our modern Brooklyn workshop. We will detail the production process in a later journal entry but it’s quite exciting to see the layers of colorful acetate sheets stacked up on the shelves, ready to be cut, shaved and molded into various shapes.

Our eyewear collection now spans over 66 different hues thanks to the vast offering of Mazzucchelli acetate, which comes in over 25,000 colors and patterns. To stay ahead of the evolving needs of the industry, the company develops 9,000 new colors every year. We are especially proud of some of the limited edition frames that use their vintage acetate such as Havanna and Graphite.


We greatly value our partnership with a company like Mazzucchelli that place quality and aesthetics as equally important in creating a top-class brand.