Sage Vaughn : Los Angeles

Sage Vaughn is an artist whose work is heavily inspired by his city, Los Angeles. His art is surreal, colorful and totally identifiable as his own. We’ve been big admirers for years, so we reached out to ask Sage what he likes to get into when he’s not in his studio, and what we should get into next time we’re in LA.

Sage in the Rockaway


Tell us about your ideal day in LA. How’s it start? Where does it end?

Wake up before my kid (4 year old with endless energy) head to Zuma Beach, surf, head back to the studio, paint, drive home for dinner, and go play with the boy 'till we both pass out.

What’s your favorite neighborhood to explore if you have a few hours to kill?

Lately I’ve really enjoyed getting lost out in San Gabriel. Really another world, tons of obscure Chinese restaurants, foot massage spots, and weird stuff you can’t find anywhere else in LA.

Best place to escape the city (beach or park or something)?

Anywhere out on the coast…preferably north of LA.

Favorite taco?


Best place to have a drink?

Narc Bar in Koreatown.

Tell us about a gallery we should check out when we visit.

Hauser And Wirth’s new spot downtown is beautiful. Blum and Poe is never a bust…their lineup is stellar. Reagan Projects will always impress as well. BBQ LA is a great little gallery. 

Any good bands or other artists from LA we should check out?


Spencer Moodey and the Anzalones

French Vanilla


All good bands.

You need supplies to paint, where do you go?

Online. I used to always go to Utrecht in Santa Monica…but I think Dick Blick bought it…

Good place to go see street art/graffiti?

Trying to avoid that.

Underrated Los Angeles person/place/thing?


Overrated Los Angeles person/place/thing?


You need to escape LA for the night/weekend, where are you heading?

Ojai Valley Inn.

Kill Em All - 2010 24"x24"

(oil, acrylic, ink and velum on canvas)

Interview: John Peabody