Rebel Rebel : The inspiration behind the design

Our classic Rebel Rebel takes its name from the iconic NYC record store, now sadly lost forever. As higher rents push small brick-and-mortars out of the West Village, Rebel Rebel Records too had to shut its doors after serving its fans for 28 years. Their legacy will live on however with the unexpected comeback of vintage vinyls, as consumers are coming to appreciate the value of quality.

Rebel Rebel was a tiny, cramped record shop on 319 Bleecker St. in the heart of the village. True to its Bowie name, the place was loved for its precious selection of low-priced U.K. punk, glam, and rock'n'roll.

Owner David Shebiro was never keen on organization, as he happily spent his days under stacks of records spilling all over the place. But the fans must have loved flipping through the fading sleeves in hope to dig up a rare find.

"The Best... Big choice of rare records , of old and new. The owner is one of the best in his business (with great suggestions),” a regular customer posted on the store’s Facebook page. “Space inside is very small, but fortunately crowded with great music…”

More and more small businesses are closing down as rents across the city continue to hike. More than a dozen stores including  Aphrodisia Herb Shoppe and Bleecker Street Records, have moved out of the area in recent years, with only big-box brands and luxury boutiques able to afford the address. Scotch & Soda, a high-end fashion store next door, expanded into the Rebel Rebel space.

"To say that Rebel Rebel is an institution would be an understatement,” Shebiro commented in an interview before the store closing. And to see a unique and sustainable business for nearly 28 years bite the dust like so many others that give this city soul is a tragedy, he said.

Words : Aiko Austin