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In the Shop : Lenses

Brian Vallario

Posted on December 26 2017

When it comes to our lenses, we take no exceptions in color and quality.  Each frame is uniquely designed with a specific lens color in mind to ensure the best design and colorways we can offer, and we exclusively use Carl Zeiss lenses to make sure you get the best quality there is.  Every lens offers 100% UVA/UVB protection and we offer polarized lenses for most frames.  Get an inside look at the process we go through to select, cut, and fit every pair of Lowercase sunglasses.
It all starts with the design process.  We go through every acetate color in the collection and match it with a lens that will compliment it.  The lenses start as discs.
Next, we trace the shape of the frame to generate a CAD drawing of the lens profile.
We use a lens edging machine to grind down the stock lenses into shape, and add a beveled edge to fit the frame.  
After the lenses are cut, we check their spec's and pop them into the frame.
The finished frames are compared to their respective technical drawings, packed up and shipped out!


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