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Article: Katya Krasnova

Katya Krasnova

Katya Krasnova


Katya is a tattoo artist currently based out of NYC.  She has a bold yet delicate style that is easily recognizable and uniquely her own.  With a devout following, she's quickly building a name for herself as someone to watch.  We're big fans and were lucky enough to sit down with her for a few questions...

First place you go when you go home?

My parents have a tiny cabin, it’s like 50 km from Kiev, not very far.  I think I’m going to spend some time there. For me, NY is a very loud place, very busy and sometimes I just need quiet and to be alone.  This is my favorite place, I spend a lot of time there.

Do you have a quiet place in NYC that you go to get away?

I think it’s my apartment!  I really like it - I like to sit and draw, it's very comfortable for me.

What’s your favorite way to spend your downtime?

I really like camping.  Spending time in nature, the mountains, hiking.  Anything to be closer to nature.

Where’s next on your list for traveling.

I really want to go to Patagonia, that’s definitely number one.  It looks so beautiful.


How’d you get into tattooing?

I never planned on it.  When I was 18 I met my boyfriend, he’s a tattoo artist as well.  He pushed me to start learning and taught me everything. I studied at Children’s Academy of Arts for ten years, then the University of Arts for a few years and then I left to tattoo.

What was the first tattoo you ever gave?

Yea, the first one I gave was to my boyfriend when I was starting.

What’s your favorite part about what you do?

My favorite part is that I can work in any part of the world.  I can spend a few years in NY, and then I can move to another place and have work there, live there.  That’s the best part.

You have a very distinct style and a few recurring themes in your work - can you tell us a bit about them?

(Laughing) I do a lot of cats.  I have a lot of customers who want their portraits done with their cats.  I think I did a few, and it just grew more and more. I also just like doing beautiful females,

Anything in the works that we should keep an eye out for?  I know you have a small clothing line as well...

Next year I’m planning to do some women’s pajamas! - some cats, some little prints.  It’s just plans right now though!

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