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First song you played on repeat?

Montel Jordan – this is how we do it

Sunglasses indoor?

No, too pretentious

What would you name your boat?

Killing with Kindness

First job?


Best purchase you’ve ever made?

A pair of boots I’ve had for 10 years that I purchased after my mom’s.  It’s an identity piece!

Favorite word?


First place you go when you go home?

I grew up in Fairplay Colorado, a town of 400, and the first thing I do when I land is ski Breckenridge!

What as the path you took that landed you in NYC?

Starting from Fairplay Colorado the first step was up the road to Boulder for college where I was studying architecture but the real jumping off point to NYC was from Portland.  Portland is where I started designing and making my own line of clothing which lead to me competing (and winning!) on Season 8 of Project Runway and voila I was in NYC!  I actually ended up going back to Portland for a period of time to be the fashion director for Pendleton but now I’m in NYC for good, I think.  

Gretchen's sunglasses are available through Lowercase, Barneys New York and select retailers.

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Photos: Jed Abbi (@jedabbi)

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