In Conversation : Stevy Wang

Every once and a while we come across a body of work that gets us really excited.  Such was the case when we were introduced to art director and storyteller Stevy Wang.  With a background in fashion and embroidery design, Stevy cut her teeth in New York under Diane Von Furstenburg, then went on to London to work under Matthew Williamson and Julien Macdonald. She's now back in New York with her own company, using her fashion background to help brands tell their story through her unique perspective and beautiful aesthetic.  Lowercase's Aiko Austin got to pick her brain a bit, enjoy...

Describe what you do professionally, and how you got into it? 

I’m an art director which in short means I come up with the visual narrative for a brand, a shoot, a product or a design. 

The funny thing was when I was 13 I had my heart set on becoming a fashion designer and that was the only thing I wanted to be. But little did I know or recognize that I have a hunger for all things creative… I initially trained as a Womenswear designer at London College of Fashion and when I stepped into the industry, I was retrained as an embroidery designer. Even as a designer, you have to come up with the concept and develop this idea and collect references for the design process. So I think it all stemmed from this point. From there other opportunities came and I just followed my gut and kept learning and growing along the way. 

Stevy for ROGUE Magazine


Where do you look for inspiration?                     

I draw inspiration from life itself. I am inspired by music, art, film, photography, fashion, people, conversations I have had or not had, stories, scenery, nature, mood… I think that is why I love traveling so much and why it is so important to me. It is so valuable to go out there and learn, see and experience the world. The only way to challenge people with your ideas is to start by challenging yourself… It is humbling, it is liberating, it is uncomfortable, it is exciting… The creative mind needs fuel and the only way to feed it is to introduce it to change from time to time.


How are you liking New York? Tell us of your aspirations here 

I love New York!  I have always dreamt about living in this amazing city so this really is abit of a dream come true. I have always been struck by the great energy in the city whenever I have come to visit… It is so present, you can feel it in the air. New Yorkers are really motivated and driven in life. There is a general openness to connect, collaborate and to make things happen. By being here, I hope that I will be able to push myself harder and further to unlock more potential within myself as a creative. I hope that I can continue to grow, to be surrounded by other inspiring and supportive creatives and to produce some great work!

Given your background, what opportunities do you see going forward? 

I don’t have a very conventional background growing up and this also influenced the way I have carved out my career so far. I don’t think I am somebody that you can just put into a box. If anything, some people can find that confusing. I am diverse in nature, in experience and in skills, but I think that is the future. Being a creative isn’t just a title, it is a lifestyle and we should all embrace that. It is good to be curious and to experiment. I think this ultimately will lead to a more interesting mind and more interesting work.

Moving forward, I hope that I will be able to become better at what I do but also continue to evolve… I hope there will be opportunities that will continue to bring me on an adventure on finding out what else I am capable of creating for this world!

 Stevy for ROGUE Magazine

What do you look for in new designers?  

Taste and a point of view. 

The coolest thing I think a designer can do is create beautiful and cool wearable pieces that has a subtle message behind it. When you stop to admire a piece but then also have that “Aha!” moment, is so special. It is essentially a very personal conversation that you are having with the designer through their creation.

When you are not working, you are...? 

AM to PM listening to music…Daydreaming….Going through pinterest and Instagram… Visiting galleries… Looking for new food places… Watching films… Cooking… Planning the next travel destination… Catching up with family and friends… there is just so much to do in life! 

 You can see more of Stevy's work and read her biography



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