Behind the Scenes : Lowercase Workshop

There's a lot more work that goes into making a pair of glasses than the frames themselves.  For every new style, there's a lot of preparation that takes place to make sure production goes smoothly.  We're producing parts for conception and design, to fixturing for our machinery, all the way up until packaging and shipping.
We're built on the principal that if you want something right, you better do it yourself.  That's what allows us to make sure that we're producing the highest quality frames on the market, made by the best craftspeople in the country. 
Check out some of the recent photos from inside our shop as we get ready for our Spring 2018 collection (coming soon!)
fixturing for inserting front hinges
inventory cabinet // hot foil stamp roll
custom plates for hot foil stamping
finished temples storage
hand riveting press
expansion lugs for every frame style
Check out the video Below to see the whole process!